Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney

Pittsburgh Felony Attorney

If you or your loved one has been arrested for a felony crime in the Pittsburgh area, contact the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Felony crimes by their very nature are punishable by sentences in state prison. Not all felony convictions result in prison time, but it is a definite possibility. The Pittsburgh criminal attorneys can represent any felony case including:

Our Pittsburgh Criminal Attorney Provides Strong Defense

The potential for long-term prison time decreases significantly with the expert negotiation skills of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney. At the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney, our legal team believes strongly in working quickly, efficiently, and aggressively to investigate our clients’ cases to either get them dismissed or negotiate for the least amount of punishment possible.

A conviction for a felony crime can permanently destroy your life—it will forever be recorded on your criminal record and affect where you can seek employment as well as your civil liberties. If you are facing a felony, you need a skilled Pittsburgh criminal attorney to fight on your behalf.

Contact the law offices of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney today to begin evaluating your felony case.