Pittsburgh Traffic Violations Attorney

When you get a ticket for a traffic violation don’t just pay the ticket; call us here at the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney immediately. While most people just reap the consequences of their alleged crime, you can be one of the lucky individuals that gets their ticket dismissed for a fraction of the cost of the original violation.

Most traffic violations are not true criminal offenses. A DUI or a DUI accident will get you into some serious legal trouble, however tickets for speeding, bad turns, and other traffic violations are not going to put you in jail.

However, even a ticket for a bad turn can result in paying fines, spending time in traffic school, and increased car insurance rates. The amount of money it takes to appoint a lawyer is significantly less in the long run.

Our legal team has many years of experience assisting clients with DUIs, speeding tickets, insurance issues, hit and run accidents, reckless driving incidents, and much more. If you have been cited for a traffic violation, our legal team can help you not just fight your ticket, but keep your driving record free of infractions.

Your driving record matters because it will follow you from state to state. Even if you are visiting another state and get a ticket or a DUI you will have to deal with the consequences both in that state and here in Pennsylvania. If you already have a previous infraction on your record, your punishment may be increased.

If you are facing a traffic violation, contact the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney today to hear how we can help your case.