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Pittsburgh Juvenile Crime Attorney

All kids make mistakes. But when those mistakes turn criminal, their freedom and futures are at risk. If your child has been arrested or is being investigated for a crime, you should definitely speak with an attorney to discuss your legal options. Here at the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney, we have worked with juvenile criminal cases for many years and have experience dealing with almost any youthful indiscretion.

While we would like to think our children cannot commit terrible crimes, the truth is that juveniles commit crimes in all categories. Juvenile crimes can range from public misconduct, drunk driving, underage drinking, vandalism, sex crimes, and more. The punishments for these crimes vary depending on the severity of the crime.

Our Juvenile Crime Attorney Provides Strong Defense to Juveniles

In some juvenile crimes cases such as simple civil disobedience (e.g. vandalism) fines and community service will probably be the appropriate punishment. However, in other more serious crimes such as DUI or those of a sexual nature, a child will most likely face more rigid consequences. Those crimes involving drugs and alcohol especially may result in punishments in addition to those that an adult offender would face.

The Pittsburgh criminal attorney believes strongly in defending the rights of every juvenile offender, no matter the type of crime he or she has committed.

If your child under the age of 18 has been arrested for a crime, contact us today to consult with the Pittsburgh criminal attorney immediately.