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Parole Violations

If you have violated your parole please contact us immediately to meet with the Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney today.

A violation of parole could be:

Our Pittsburgh Criminal Attorney Can Help You Stay Out of Prison

A parole violation is just one of many ways to find yourself heading to prison. Thankfully in the state of Pennsylvania, parole violators have the opportunity to explain themselves prior to being sent back to prison. The state of Pennsylvania has joined a number of states to set more understanding guidelines regarding parolees.

Unless a parolee committed another crime, their chances for staying out of prison are decent, especially with the Pittsburgh criminal attorney by their side.

Whenever a parolee commits a parole violation, the Pittsburgh’s criminal attorney’s first priority is to ensure that the client’s rights are protected and that the justice system treats them fairly. Following a parole violation, you and the Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney will attend a parole violation hearing.

The Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney will fight for the fairest sentence possible for you or your loved one. Contact us immediately for a free initial consultation today.