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If you or your loved one is arrested on suspicion of murder, contact us here at the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney as soon as possible.

The state of Pennsylvania classifies murder cases as follows:

It is important to act quickly in any case, but especially in murder cases. There are many different elements to a murder case and it is important for the Pittsburgh criminal attorney to be appointed to your case as soon as possible.

Our Pittsburgh Criminal Attorney Can Build a Strong Case

The type of charge and the sentence that will be imposed on an offender depends heavily on the details of the case such as intentionality, premeditation, and other factors. In the state of Pennsylvania, every act of criminal homicide is punishable by time in prison. Involuntary manslaughter (such as a DUI accident) is considered a misdemeanor in the first degree. And although misdemeanors are typically those crimes that are not punishable by time in prison, a conviction for involuntary manslaughter could put you in prison for at least two years.

The Pittsburgh criminal attorney is an experienced investigator, examiner, and legal negotiator. Our firm investigates every client’s case and creates a specific plan of action to achieve the best outcome possible. Our legal team may be able to make a deal with the prosecution for a plea bargain to lesser charges in exchange for less time in prison and the possibility of parole.

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