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A white-collar crime is any crime committed by a government or business official for personal financial gain. Such crimes could be in the context of ponzi schemes, insider trading, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, and much more. If you are under investigation or have already been arrested for a white-collar crime in the Pittsburgh area, contact us here at the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney as soon as possible.

The sentencing for a white-collar crime depends greatly on the type of crime that was committed. You could possibly face prison time, fines, government possession of funds, tax audits, and lost assets.

If an investigation into your actions is under way, please do not attempt to correct whatever you may or may not have done on your own. Do no try to clear your own names. In many cases where alleged white-collar criminals attempted to right any instance or perception of wrongdoing, they only add more fuel to fire and more evidence to the prosecution’s file.

Our legal team here at the law office of the Pittsburgh criminal attorney can handle any instance of alleged white-collar criminal activity and form a plan of action to defend you. Clients are often very nervous about the outcome of their cases for the simple reason that it will affect their professional reputation. We understand that your reputation is the single most important asset to a professional and will fight to protect it.

If you are facing a charge for a white collar crime, contact our Pittsburgh criminal defense firm today for an immediate consultation with.